Roundup: an Issue-Tracking System for Knowledge Workers



For general support enquiries about usage, a mailing list is available:

If you've got a great idea for roundup, or have found a bug, please submit an issue to the tracker at:

For discussions about developing or enhancing roundup:

The admin for this project is Richard Jones:

but he should only be contacted directly when none of the above avenues of contact are suitable.


Go Ping, you rock! Also, go Common Ground, and Bizar Software for letting me implement this system on their time.

Thanks also to the many people on the mailing list, in the sourceforge project and those who just report bugs: Thomas Arendsen Hein, Nerijus Baliunas, Anthony Baxter, Marlon van den Berg, Bo Berglund, Stéphane Bidoul, Cameron Blackwood, Jeff Blaine, Duncan Booth, Seb Brezel, J Alan Brogan, Titus Brown, Steve Byan, Brett Cannon, Godefroid Chapelle, Roch'e Compaan, Wil Cooley, Joe Cooper, Kelley Dagley, Bruno Damour, Bradley Dean, Toby Dickenson, Paul F. Dubois, Eric Earnst, Peter Eisentraut, Andrew Eland, Jeff Epler, Tom Epperly, Tamer Fahmy, Vickenty Fesunov, Hernan Martinez Foffani, Stuart D. Gathman, Martin Geisler, Ajit George, Frank Gibbons, Johannes Gijsbers, Gus Gollings, Philipp Gortan, Dan Grassi, Robin Green, Jason Grout, Charles Groves, Engelbert Gruber, Bruce Guenter, Tamás Gulácsi, Thomas Arendsen Hein, Juergen Hermann, Tobias Herp, Uwe Hoffmann, Alex Holkner, Tobias Hunger, Simon Hyde, Paul Jimenez, Christophe Kalt, Timo Kankare, Brian Kelley, James Kew, Sheila King, Michael Klatt, Bastian Kleineidam, Axel Kollmorgen, Cedric Krier, Detlef Lannert, Andrey Lebedev, Henrik Levkowetz, David Linke, Martin v. Löwis, Fredrik Lundh, Will Maier, Ksenia Marasanova, Georges Martin, Gordon McMillan, John F Meinel Jr, Roland Meister, Ulrik Mikaelsson, John Mitchell, Ramiro Morales, Toni Mueller, Stefan Niederhauser, Truls E. Næss, Patrick Ohly, Luke Opperman, Eddie Parker, Will Partain, Ewout Prangsma, Marcus Priesch, Bernhard Reiter, Roy Rapoport, John P. Rouillard, Luke Ross, Ollie Rutherfurd, Toby Sargeant, Giuseppe Scelsi, Ralf Schlatterbeck, Gregor Schmid, Florian Schulze, Klamer Schutte, Dougal Scott, Stefan Seefeld, Jouni K Seppänen, Jeffrey P Shell, Dan Shidlovsky, Joel Shprentz, Terrel Shumway, Emil Sit, Alexander Smishlajev, Nathaniel Smith, Leonardo Soto, Maciej Starzyk, Mitchell Surface, Anatoly T., Jon C. Thomason Mike Thompson, Michael Twomey, Karl Ulbrich, Martin Uzak, Darryl VanDorp, J Vickroy, Timothy J. Warren, William (Wilk), Tue Wennerberg, Matt Wilbert, Chris Withers, Milan Zamazal.


See COPYING.txt in the software distribution for the licensing terms.